Clifford SmartStart

Start, control or locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your smartphone and compatible Clifford 2-way ready systems.

SmartStart for Cars

Clifford SmartStart Module + Compatible Clifford System = Clifford SmartStart

Directed® SmartStart-Pro

Introducing the All New Directed® SmartStart-Pro!

Rebuilt from the ground up, the Directed SmartStart-Pro builds on our nine years of experience to take our connected car offering to a whole new level. We listened to you, our valued SmartStart users, in developing SmartStart Pro. We kept all that’s great, upgraded and improved where needed and added features and functionality to deliver even more value. The result is an entirely new connected car service optimized for the Fastest Vehicle Response Times and engineered to be our platform for the next decade.

Compatible Clifford Systems

Security with Remote Start: 5906X, 5305X, 5806X.

Security: 3305X, 3105X.

Remote Start: 4105X, 4115X.