Clifford G5 Systems

Clifford G5, the most advanced, reliable and uncompromising Clifford systems ever, backward compatible with G4.

Products for Cars
Every Clifford Security and Remote Start system includes the following features:
  • 24-channel security, remote start & keyless entry system
  • Port for plug-in XPRESSKIT vehicle interface
  • Virtual Tach – patented DSP-based tachless solution
  • Control center with integrated valet switch and bright status LED
  • Extreme capacity relays onboard
  • Flex relays for remote start and light flash
  • FailSafe® Starter Kill
  • Revenger® Six-Tone Soft-Chirp Siren
  • Stinger® Double-Guard® Shock Sensor on-board
  • Defroster output*
  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • Comfort closure*
  • Parking light flash
  • Anti-grind*
  • SmartStart and timer start
  • Clifford SmartStart™ compatible