1.2 million will be stolen this year at a cost of $8 billion. Don't be a statistic. So-called 'factory-security' simply does not provide enough protection. That's where Clifford comes in. Clifford G5 and Matrix systems are intelligent, powerful sleek and modern.
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For more than 20 years, Clifford has revolutionized vehicle security with the most innovative breakthroughs and sophisticated concepts in the industry.
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Clifford G5
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Clifford AvantGuard 5.1
Clifford AvantGuard 5.1
4 Channel Security / Remote Start System with Optional Keyless Entry
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Clifford IntelliGuard 770
Clifford IntelliGuard 770
4 Channel Security System with Optional Keyless Entry
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Clifford Concept 470
Clifford Concept 470
Security System
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Clifford Arrow 5.1
Clifford Arrow 5.1
Security System
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G5 has arrived, the first major vehicle security advancement of the 21st century. Over the past quarter century, Clifford engineers have created five distinct generations of definitive vehicle security technologies:

G1: The first remote controlled vehicle security systems.

G2: Anti-false alarm technology, and the first programmable alarm.

G3: First coded valet/override switch and the first anti-code grabbing encryption algorithm to defeat thieves' remote control cloning devices.

G4: A major leap forward in vehicle security technology, with ingenious advancements that left thieves years behind (or behind bars). Includes the CliffNet digital network between system components and accessories, and the first CliffNet Wizard®.

  • The legendary CliffNet Wizard is Windows 2000 and XP Compatible. (Download it here!)
  • The entire G5 line features the most advanced superheterodyne receive available for optimum range.
  • All systerms feature the Smart Secure Immobilizer circuit, which eliminates the possibility of stranding the vehicle due to a power failure.
  • New Bright Blue Status LED lets thieves know that Clifford G5 is on board.
  • Each auxiliary output channel has its own dedicated timer.
  • G5 systems feature Normally Closed trigger input for rear defoggers and vehicles with closed loop triggers and externally mounted accessories.
  • Five selectable auxiliary output options
  • FACT2 technology allows three alarm triggers before silencing the offending input for hightened security.
  • All systems are compatible with G5 remotely adjustable sensors.
  • Auxiliary channel auto activate.
Clifford G5 Accessories - State-of-the-Art Clifford Accessories are G5 Compatible!
* One Mile Range:
Based on line of sight, unobstructed testing in ideal conditions. Actual range will vary due to local conditions including but not limited to environment, terrain, physical obstructions, vehicle location and orientation, interference and other possible impediments.